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Chrome Browser Extension

What is it?

EyesDecide uses the Google Chrome browser for viewing eye-tracking studies. The Chrome browser allows us to package the xLabs technology into a Browser Extension which is made available on the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome is also the most popular web browser by market share.

This is the easiest way to add advanced video processing capabilities to your webcam. As a result, we don’t need to keep or send any images to our servers. Instead, everything is processed on the user’s computer and the images are immediately discarded. This enhances viewer privacy and security.

The EyesDecide extension is approximately 12MB in size and downloads in a few seconds on a home broadband connection.

Adding the Extension

Users are prompted to add the EyesDecide extension during the viewing process. However, users can decide to use the fully-featured xLabs extension instead. This has a number of fun features such as hands-free web browsing! Find out more at www.xlabsgaze.com . Note that you should only use one extension – don’t add both!

Removing the Extension

The extension can easily be removed after viewing, by clicking the EyesDecide icon in the toolbar and selecting ‘Remove Extension’. Of course, you may want to leave it installed for another viewing.

You can also use the Chrome Settings to remove the extension.

Good Behaviour

The Browser Extension is good not evil. It does not send you spam email; it does not interfere with your web browsing experience and it does not collect information about you without your consent. It does not put adverts on your screen. It can easily be removed without any negative side-effects.

Whenever the webcam is accessed by the extension, the camera LED will turn on and the extension icon will change color.

The extension does not have the ability to record video from the camera.

The Javascript source-code for the extension is publicly visible so that developers can check the behaviour of the extension.

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