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Clickable Hotspots (aka. Buttons)

You need to understand viewer media-flow for this article.

About Hotspots

A hotspot is a defined rectangle in the media that will generate an event when it is clicked. When the hotspot is clicked, you can either:

  • Take the viewer to another step (i.e. they will see a different media item), OR
  • End the viewing session

The hotspots feature is a very powerful tool, allowing you to mock up complex interactions, much like a hyperlink in a HTML document. Another use of hotspots is to define “buttons” that the viewer can click.

Hotspot appearance

By default, hotspots are invisible until the viewer moves their mouse over them. When the mouse moves over a hotspot, a shading effect occurs, to indicate that this part of the media is clickable.

You can disable the mouse-over behaviour for the entire study in the main media-flow editor page. There is a tickbox below the session timer control.

Activating the Hotspot Editor

To edit the hotspots for a step:

  1. Open the study by clicking its thumbnail
  2. Click the “Media Flow” tab
  3. Click on the edit icon of the step you want to edit
  4. Click the “Clickable hotspots” tab

You will now be presented with a view that looks like this:

Drawing hotspots in the media
Drawing hotspots in the media

Creating Hotspots

Click the media item displayed to enable the hotspots editor. Click again on the media item to create a new hotspot.

Moving, Resizing and Deleting Hotspots

The hotspot has 3 active controls at its corners. Hover your mouse over the corners of the hotspot to reveal each control.

  • Top-left corner: Press and hold while moving the mouse to move the hotspot
  • Top-right corner: Click to delete the hotspot
  • Bottom-right corner: Press and hold while moving the mouse to resize the hotspot

Editing Hotspots

If you click in an existing hotspot, you will see the hotspot editor. This defines the behaviour of the hotspot when clicked.

There are two controls: First, you can edit the name of the hotspot (this will appear in the media-flow step summary, so it’s sensible to give a meaningful name). Second, you can choose which step the user will go to if the hotspot is clicked.

Editing the on-click behaviour of a hotspot
Editing the on-click behaviour of a hotspot


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