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Configuring Viewer Workflow (Media Flow)

After you have added media to your study, you need to configure the media-flow. What is media-flow? It defines the order and duration of the media items shown to participants during viewing of your study.

You can show many media items to your participants, and you can react to their actions, such as clicks, to determine what they see next. You can randomize viewers to remove bias. You can use timers to advance to the next media. You can even create loops allowing viewers to explore many options from a homepage.

One of the most powerful features is our hotspot editor, which you can use to create clickable buttons or hyperlinks that viewers can explore. Some users have mocked upĀ entire mobile app interfaces or websites within EyesDecide.

Use our workflow step editor to access all these optionsĀ and our validation and preview tools to check and verify your creations.

Once you’re happy, you’re ready to launch your study and start getting results!

Media-flow editor interface
Media-flow editor interface

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