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Download or Export Survey Data and Answers

During EyesDecide viewings, participants can be asked screening and survey questions before and after they see the visual media.

Screening questions are used to exclude participants from the study.

Other survey questions are used to collect background or demographic information about participants, or their opinions on some content.

All survey and screening answers can be downloaded in CSV format for analysis in other tools (such as a spreadsheet program).

To download survey answers:

  1. Open your study and go to the Recordings tab.
  2. Click the large ‘Survey Results‘ button.
  3. In the page that appears you can search, filter and tag survey answers. Once you’ve finishing tagging your answers, click the ‘Download answers as CSV‘ link.

Note that tags and other meta-data such as third-party participant IDs are exported with the data for cross-referencing with Analyses of Areas of Interest and Individual Recordings.

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