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Edit Study Details

If you create a new study, the first page of the process is the study details.

To edit details on an existing study, first open the Study by clicking on the thumbnail in the Studies Index page.

The study details are accessed in different ways depending on the status of the study. If the study has views, click the “Details” tab and select “Instructions” . If the study does not have views, click the “Details” tab directly on the tab-bar.

You can modify the study details at any time until the study is launched.

Study Name

The study name is only visible to the study creator. Use it to distinguish this study from your other ones, by including features such as which project you’re working on or which set of design variants you’re testing.

Study Type

This field is currently only used for informational purposes – we’re trying to understand what types of study people are running. But in future, the interface will be customized for specific study types.

Viewer Identification

You have the option to ask viewers an identifying question. The default option is to leave viewers anonymouse. The other options are:

  • Ask for their email address
  • Ask a custom question

If you opt for a custom question, enter it in the space below. Note that you should check the terms and conditions for the recruitment panel you plan to use – some do not allow identifying questions of this type.

Viewer Instructions

This tool allows you to modify the instructions presented to the viewer immediately before viewing. Note that you can drag the corner of the tool to increase the space available.

You can style the instructions to emphasize or otherwise improve the formatting and messaging. You can see the formatted instructions in the “Preview” tool so you can check they look right.

You can modify all parts of the instructions. We have suggested breaking it into two parts – “Background” and “Your task” – but you don’t have to do this. You can write anything you like.

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