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Eye Tracking Accuracy

EyesDecide uses a webcam to track user eye movements on the user’s computer. You don’t need any special equipment. It really works: Anyone can download and try it for themselves and see their gaze live on screen. The webcam is accessed via the HTML5 getUserMedia function, so we can use any webcam that is compatible with your web browser.

Images from the camera are processed immediately on the user’s computer and then forgotten, without ever being saved. User consent is always required to turn on the webcam. We show a red icon and the camera’s activity LED to indicate when it is in use.

The technology is provided by xLabs Pty Ltd. More information can be found in the xLabs Whitepaper.

Technology features

  • Allows a natural range of head movement without problems
  • Eye/gaze measurement samples are captured at 15-20 Hz on recommended systems, depending on camera hardware and ambient lighting
  • Latency less than 50 milliseconds
  • Accuracy 80% of measurement samples within 22mm physical distance of actual gaze focus
  • Currently, 75% of all EyesDecide viewings are successful*. Unsuccessful viewings or inaccurate viewings are free
  • We check the accuracy of every view with a test at the end of the session

* The most common problem is bad lighting resulting in unusable webcam images.

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