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Feature Roadmap

EyesDecide continues to improve and expand on the service offered.

We love getting feedback on the features you most want to see in the platform. We publish our future roadmap so you can tell us which ideas offer the best value and should be prioritized.

In no particular order, some of the new features we are developing include:

  • Download videos of individual replays
  • Screen-out survey questions before main viewing process
  • Ability to generate links to share¬†selected results
  • Ability to annotate individual replays at a particular point in time
  • Add¬†support for mobile devices (particularly iOS and Android tablets)
  • Add emotion detection
  • Add support for languages other than English, particularly during viewing process
  • Statistical analysis of viewer click data
  • Survey questions as part of eye tracking workflow
  • Add survey answers to statistics CSV export

Are you wanting something not in the list? Tell us what you think!

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