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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions

It’s magic!?

What does EyesDecide do?

  • It tracks what people look at on screen and then replays it later. Amazing right!?

I am worried about turning my webcam on

How can I find viewers for my study?

How many viewers do I need?

Show me some examples.

What does it cost?

It’s not working!

How can I export data?

I don’t understand the data.

I’m worried other people will see my media or images!

  • Your viewers have to be able to access these files during viewing, but otherwise, access to your images is restricted by our security mechanisms. Viewers can only access your media if they are invited explicitly or if you give them the viewing URL. Only you (and our admins) can access your study.

How do I run an eye tracking study?

What are the benefits of Eye Tracking?

How does EyesDecide work?

Where can I get Google Chrome browser?

Where can I get the xLabs browser extension?

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