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Getting Started

Welcome to EyesDecide

EyesDecide is the world’s first remote, real-time webcam eye-tracking solution bringing the power of eye-tracking to designers, marketers, advertisers and researchers all over the world.

We’ve built the platform to be powerful enough to tackle the most complex research projects, yet fast enough to answer simple research questions in as little as an hour.

Advertising effectiveness example
Advertising effectiveness: Heatmaps show that one variant of an advert, in the same placement, draws much more attention.

Getting started

To help you get started, sign up or login and check out the example studies on the studies index page. These will help show you what’s possible with EyesDecide, and provide a template for your own studies. They will also help you understand the results analysis tools.

Creating your first study

Check out our guide on how to run a study. Here you’ll find a step-by-step process to help build the study flow, recruit viewers and analyse your results.


The platform is your swiss army knife for analysing and understanding user behaviour, with full creation, recruitment and deep analysis tools built into the platform and completely at your control.

Some of the main features include:

Study creation – Build simple or complex study flows using flexible skip logic, randomization, and media transition triggers such as timers, clicks and hotspots, with unlimited media items.

Panel recruitment – Recruit your own users or use the EyesDecide panel. Researchers also have access to end-to-end panel and survey tool integration

Analysis tools – Watch video replays of every viewing, show how groups of users viewed your media with heatmaps, and gain clear-cut statistics on exactly how well each element performed with Areas of Interest Analysis.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of what’s available, head to our features page.

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