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Heatmaps: A Quick, Visual Guide


You’ll need to have launched a study and had at least one participant view before you can generate a heatmap.


  1. Click ‘Studies’
  2. Select the ‘Heatmaps’ tab
  3. Select ‘+ Create Heatmap’ buttoned_guide_heatmap-01
  4. Set your report name (Optional)
  5. Select your media item from the pulldown menu
  6. Select which participant viewings to include (optional)
  7. Select the time window to visualize (optional)ed_guide_heatmap-02
  8. Click the ‘Next’ button
  9. Select the style of heatmap to use (you can easily change this later)
  10. Explore the advanced settings to switch on/off mouse and gaze chain (optional)
  11. Click the ‘Create’ buttoned_guide_heatmap-03
  12. Enjoy your heatmap 😀
  13. Otherwise, modify your heatmap using the same steps and click ‘Update’ to view the changesed_guide_heatmap-04
  14. When you are happy with the heatmap, click ‘Save’ to turn it into a normal image file that can be viewed and downloaded.

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