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How does it work?

Magic? Not quite…

EyesDecide uses a webcam to track user eye movements on the user’s computer. You don’t need any special equipment.It really works: Anyone can download and try it for themselves and see their gaze live on screen. The webcam is accessed via the HTML5 getUserMedia function, so we can use any webcam that is compatible with your web browser. Images from the camera are processed immediately on the user’s computer and then forgotten, without ever being saved. User consent is always required to turn on the webcam. We show a red icon and the camera’s activity LED to indicate when it is in use.

Browser Extension

Viewers must use the Google Chrome web browser. However, all other website functionality is available for all browsers. This constraint is because we use a Google technology called Native Client (NaCl). Google Chrome is the most popular browser and approximately 30% of all non-mobile users already use the Google Chrome Browser.

EyesDecide uses technology supplied by xLabs to process images from the camera. xLabs’ technology is supplied as a rebranded xLabs Browser Extension. Viewers are prompted to add this extension during the viewing process. The extension can easily be removed afterwards, by clicking the icon on the toolbar and then selecting ‘Remove Extension’. You can also remove the extension using the Chrome settings.

Tech demo

EyesDecide and xLabs are the only webcam eye/gaze tracking system to provide users with a live demonstration of eye/gaze tracking capabilities. To see for yourself, you can download the xLabs Browser extension here:

Follow the instructions in this YouTube video to have a play with the underlying technology:

Note that EyesDecide viewers will be prompted to install a re-branded extension on arrival at the site; however EyesDecide works with either the xLabs or EyesDecide extension. The xLabs extension has additional fun features, such as hands-free web browsing. Note that users must install only one extension at a time.

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