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How to add media items to a study

After you have created a study, you need to add media items to it.

To add media to a study, open it and then click the ‘Media’ tab. Then click the ‘Add Media’ button to open the dialog.

You can choose either:

  1. One or more images OR
  2. One YouTube video

You can add and remove media as many times as you like until you launch the study. You cannot modify a study after you have launched it.

Media Tips

See our articles on how to create good images and website screenshots.

We also have an article on adding video media.

Media security

The media you provide must be made available to viewers. However, image media is secured by use of a pseudo-random “key” URL that is only visible to you. Without knowing this key, third parties cannot access the media.

Videos are similarly protected by YouTube, if you choose not to make them publicly searchable. When you upload your video to YouTube, select ‘Unlisted’. Do not select ‘Private’ because your participants will not be able to view the video.

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