How to Edit Areas of Interest (AOIs)

This article describes the “Area of Interest” (AOI) editor tool.

You may want to read more about how to access the aggregate statistical analysis tools, including this editor. The linked article also describes the basic concepts behind the analysis tools.

AOI statistics editor view
AOI statistics editor view. Here we have 2 AOIs, A1 and A2. Area A1 is selected and highlighted orange in both the statistics table and the media rectangle associated with A1.

The main purpose of the Analysis editor is to allow you to draw rectangular AOIs in the media item and to see the computed statistics.

Mouse Interactions – Create, Rename and Select AOIs

  • If you click in an empty space in your media item, you will create a new AOI.
  • If you click in an existing AOI, you will select it (it will be highlighted orange).
  • If you click a selected AOI, you will see a dialog allowing you to rename the AOI.

Each AOI has 3 controls that become visible when you hover over its corners.

  • Top-left corner: Press and drag the mouse to move the AOI.
  • Top-right corner: Click to delete the AOI.
  • Bottom-right corner: Press and drag to resize the AOI.

Selecting AOIs

Click in the media image to create or select AOIs as described above. The selected AOI is highlighted orange both in the statistics table and in the media (see image above).

Analysis Settings

In the analysis editor there are 3 expandable menus on the top-left:

  • Statistics (this toggles display of the computed AOI statistics)
  • Time (select start and end times relative to the display of the selected media item for each viewer)
  • Settings (includes name, Media and View selection)

When you have changed the settings, click ‘Calculate’ to re-generate the statistics.

When you are happy with the analysis, click ‘Save’ to save it to your study. You can save the analysis and continue editing.

View Selection

You can select any combination of views of the selected media item. Note that changing media items may invalidate or change your view selection. You can only select views that included seeing the selected media item!

You can use tags, date/time, and all the other viewing meta-data to sort, search, filter and select views.

In the view selection tool you can only see successful viewings that included the display of the selected media item.

Time Window

All viewing times are aligned to the time the selected media item was displayed.

You can modify the time window for the computed statistics. For example, you can select the first 10 seconds of each viewer’s arrival at the selected media item.

Analysis Name

You should give analyses meaningful names, so you can remember what you were measuring!

Statistics update

The statistics shown in the table only update when you press the ‘Calculate’ button.

You can change the parameters at any time. Click ‘Save’ to permanently record the current analysis configuration. You can close and edit the analysis again later.

Computed Statistics

When you have drawn some AOIs in the editor, click ‘Calculate’ to see the statistics. We have a separate article explaining the numbers we compute for you.

Statistics CSV export / download

The Analysis Editor view also allows you to download the computed statistics in CSV format.

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