How to Edit Media Flow Steps

You need to understand viewer media-flow for this article.

Adding a Media Flow Step

You can add any number of media flow steps by clicking the ‘add step’ button in the ‘Media Flow’ tab of the study page. The step editor will be shown. Save and close the dialog to add the step to the study.

Make sure you specify a meaningful name for each step, especially when you use the same media item in multiple steps. However, you can change the name and media item later.

Editing a Media Flow Step

To edit an existing media-flow step:

  1. Open the study by clicking its thumbnail
  2. Click the “Media Flow” tab
  3. Click on the “edit” icon of the step you want to edit
Media flow steps in the Media-flow tab
Here we see 3 steps. The “homepage” step is the only start step, marked with a black star. The 3 orange “edit” icons allow the steps to be modified. The media associated with each step is displayed, and the interaction events defined. Click the ‘X’ icons to delete steps.

The media flow editor is presented as a modal dialog with 3 tabs:

Media Details

Here we will discuss the first tab of the step editor, which defines the media and other details of the step.


Changing the name of a step

Give each step a meaningful name to help you remember where it fits in the media flow, especially if you have multiple steps featuring the same media item.

Changing the media item

The “Media” tab allows you to change the media item for the step being edited. You can use the same media in many steps.

Start steps

The media-flow editor shows start steps with a prominent black star. In the “media details” tab you can change this behaviour by clicking the relevant radio button – every step can be make a start step.

When the user starts a viewing, the app will pick one of the start steps to begin the viewing. Therefore, this is an important randomization tool.

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