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How to get participants for a study

So, you’ve launched your study and now it’s time to get some viewers, or participants.

The good news is you have many options:

  1. You can use our General Population panel of viewers. This is the easiest and fastest way.
  2. You can bring your own people – even your colleagues in the office.
  3. You can use a specialist panel provider who will deliver participants matching specific demographic criteria. EyesDecide is integrated with several leading panel providers, so please contact us if you would like assistance with targeted recruitment.

EyesDecide General Population panel

This is the easiest and fastest way to get views for your study. To book views with this panel, place an order through the app.

Our panellists are aged 18-60 and are English speakers. They are located in the USA. We can normally complete orders of up to 100 views within 2 working days, although we aim to complete in 1 working day.

Bring your own viewers

Most of our users test remotely, i.e. the participants complete the viewing process at home. Others bring participants to their offices for in-person testing. EyesDecide is happy with either model. If you have a good environment setup in your office, you will get a higher success rate, but overall the costs are higher.

Many designers conduct quick tests with friends, colleagues and family. In this case it is often easier to recruit your own viewers.

To recruit your viewers, you’ll need to send them a special link (URL) that starts the viewing process. Note that you must launch your study before you can recruit viewers! To find the link:

  1. Open your study
  2. Click the ‘Viewers’ tab (only visible when study launched)
  3. Click ‘Direct URL’

The viewing URL provides security for your study. It includes a key that prevents random access to your study. Only provide the URL to participants you wish to invite. Participants using the URL do not need to log in to EyesDecide to view your study.

Open the study you want to recruit participants for, and click the 'Viewers' tab
Open the study you want to recruit participants for, and click the ‘Viewers’ tab

Identifying Viewers

There are two ways to identify viewers. First, you can ask them a specific identification question (see the Study Details page). Second, you can identify them via the URL they use.

When viewers arrive at your study, EyesDecide captures two parameters in the URL. You can modify these parameters to capture the identity of your users (e.g. from a third-party panel provider). The parameters are:

  • Viewer source (‘src’)
  • Unique viewer ID (‘uid’)

Do not remove or modify the ‘key’ parameter: This prevents unauthorized access and without it, your viewers will not be able to complete the process.

Configuring the Viewer Source

Let’s say you want to send a viewing link to your friends on Facebook, as well as your Twitter followers – but you want to track which viewers came from where. To do this, you can change the source parameter in each of the URLs so that EyesDecide will track the source of each viewer.

The source will be displayed in all our data tools for use during analysis.

Example URLs:



Configuring the Viewer ID

This is particularly useful if you are integrating EyesDecide into another online recruitment or survey tool and want to match your viewers’ other survey data with their eye-tracking results.

To use the uid parameter, simply add the parameter to the end of the URL (shown below), and include the identifier to be stored with the viewing. For example, if you wanted to send a viewing link to your friend James and identify his viewing later, you would append ‘&uid=James’ to the viewing link.

Example URL:


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