Individual Replay tools

See the individual recordings article for more information about the individual replay tools and how to use them.

To replay individual eye/gaze and mouse recordings, first open the study from your homepage, the studies/index page. Then select the “Recordings” tab.

Successful views also have a green ‘Play’ button on the right side.  Click one of these buttons to replay an individual viewing.

When the player has launched full-screen, you will see the ‘collapsed’ toolkit. Click the ‘v’ button to expand it. Here’s the full set of tools:


Note that you can click the ‘^’ button to collapse the toolkit again. Here’s what the tools all mean:

Replay Time Controls

You can use the play/pause, rewind, and fast-forward controls to change the time point within the current viewing. The time is shown at the top-left part of the control (e.g. 9 seconds into the viewing in the view above).

Drag or click the time slider control to reach a specific time point.

Click the ‘x’ icon to exit the replay viewer.

Viewing Information

  • Current recording: You can change to another individual viewing without exiting the player. Select the view here.
  • Date / Accuracy / Screen: These details of the current viewing are repeated here.
  • Tags: You can tag views from within the player. Just type the tags in here.

Graphics Controls

  • Heatmap: Change the style of the heatmap effect you see. You can also turn it off completely.
  • Gaze track: Change the style of the gaze track (red), or turn it off.
  • Mouse track: Change the style of the gaze track (blue), or turn it off.
  • Speed: Change replay speed. You can replay much faster or slower than the real viewing if you like.
  • Auto scroll: By default, we replay the viewer’s scroll actions, so you see what they saw. This can be annoying if you’re focusing on one part of the screen, so you can turn it off.

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