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Integrating with Panel or Survey platforms

You can integrate EyesDecide into third-party panel or survey systems using special links that tell us where to send participants after ‘screenout’ (can’t or don’t agree to participate) and ‘complete’ outcomes. We call these the ‘outbound’ links.

When the participant reaches an exit point from the viewing process, EyesDecide will redirect the participant to one of the outbound links you provide.

You must provide the outbound links to EyesDecide as HTTP parameters added to the ‘inbound’ link. The inbound link is used by participants to get to EyesDecide.

The outbound links are added to the inbound link as parameters ‘screenout’ and ‘complete’. The link values must be URLEncoded before they are added.

You can URLEncode links using free online services such as https://www.urlencoder.org/ or with standard web-development frameworks.

To find the inbound link for your study, open the study and look in the ‘Viewers’ tab. You should find a link like this:


Note that you will have to replace the values MODE, STUDY and KEY with the values for your study.

  • MODE must be either consent (browser extension mode) or consent2 (video recording mode)
  • STUDY must be the ID number of your study (shown in the address bar when you are editing the study)
  • KEY must be the security key for your study (shown in the direct viewing links in the Viewers tab)

Now imagine you want your outbound links to be:


… and:


You now need to URLEncode these links and append them to the inbound link.

After encoding the links become:


The final inbound link is then:


You can generate EyesDecide integration links dynamically, to take into account third-party participant IDs and other variables you may want to track. Simply script your survey system to use different URLEncoded outbound links for each participant.

Displaying third-party IDs in EyesDecide

Add a &uid=XXX parameter to the inbound link to display the XXX value alongside each viewing in EyesDecide results. This enables you to associate your results with those in the third-party survey system.

Being nice to your participants

Note that the ‘complete’ outcome means that the participant has completed the viewing process; it doesn’t mean that the viewing is of high quality. Nevertheless, having spent time completing the process, the participant should be paid.

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