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Known Issues & Limitations

Some users experience issues that are hard for us to eliminate. If you experience these problems please let us know.

  • Ad-Block and other similar browser extensions / plugins sometimes interfere with the heatmap and individual replay tools, preventing them from displaying correctly. If this occurs, just disable the relevant plugin or whitelist app.eyesdecide.com
  • In studies with large amounts of data (e.g. more than 50 – 100 views), it may take up to a few minutes for the results pages to load the first time. This data is then cached on your computer so future page loads should be faster.
  • Heatmaps and Individual Replays may render slowly on very large media items (e.g. larger than 2000 pixels wide or 10,000 pixels high). This is because the graphics engine is very complex and renders all data client-side.
  • Some viewers may experience problems with calibration. We aim to make this work for most participants, most of the time, but not everyone will be successful. This isn’t a big problem because you can easily recruit more participants very quickly until the desired number of results are obtained. We do not charge for unsuccessful or inaccurate views. You can also refer to our troubleshooting calibration guide for more help.

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