Media On-Click Events

You need to understand viewer media-flow for this article.

You can react to two types of mouse click during viewing:

This article describes how to configure the step’s response to media clicks. Media click events are triggered whenever a user clicks ANYWHERE on the media item.

Hotspot clicks are generated when the user clicks on a specific hotspot. If there is a hotspot where the user has clicked, the media click event will not occur (i.e. the hotspot has priority).

The media click event has no effect by default. However, you can modify its behaviour.

To edit the media click event for a step:

  1. Open the study by clicking its thumbnail
  2. Click the “Media Flow” tab
  3. Click on the edit icon of the step you want to edit
  4. Click the “Timing & Events tab”

You will now be presented with a view that looks like this:

Media and timing events
Media and timing events. Here we have selected 2 “next steps” for the timer event, but nothing happens on media click. The app will randomly pick from step 2 and step 3 when the media timer elapses.

In the “On Media Click” section the “If viewer clicks…” control has 3 values:

  • Do nothing
  • Go to next step
  • End Session

Select the behaviour you want to happen when if the viewer clicks on the media. If you select “do nothing” the click has no effect (default). If you select “end session” the entire viewing session will end when the viewer clicks on the media.

The “Next step” option is more complicated. When selected, a small table will appear on the right side of the dialog, titled “Go-to“. Use the select control under the table to pick a step and click ‘Add’. You can select and add multiple steps to this table.

During viewing, the app will pick randomly from this list when the viewer clicks on the media. This achieves randomization in the viewer media flow.

If you select “go to next step” as the behaviour, but don’t add any steps to the table, the validation system will moan at you.

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