Participant Instructions

We have received many requests to translate the viewing instructions into languages other than English. While that is not possible right now, we may add this feature in future. Here are some written instructions you can use to brief participants in other languages. The participants can then skip the instructions shown in the viewing process.

For an overview of the entire calibration process, see the viewing process page.

NOTE: We will add written instructions in Spanish and Portuguese when available. Can you help us translate?


The study will take about 5 minutes and needs a webcam attached to your PC. Please note that we do not see and do not record any images of you, we just track eye movement digitally.


To participate you must:

  • Use the Google Chrome browser
  • Have a webcam attached to your PC or laptop
  • Not be wearing glasses


  • Sit at a desk. Don’t rest the laptop on your body
  • Face towards windows during daytime
  • Make sure the room has a lot of light, and no shadows.
  • Use bright ceiling lights at night.
  • Do not wear glasses. Contact lenses are fine
  • Tie long hair back, away from your face
  • Plug laptops into mains power

About the Eye-Tracking Session:

  • You’ll need to stay still for a couple of minutes
  • Move the mouse over the red dots, then wait for the circle to complete. Then, click the circle
  • There are 30 dots in total, and then you will be shown the instructions
  • After the instructions you will view the media. You can click and scroll with the mouse while viewing.
  • Finally, after viewing the media, you will have 5 dots to click to check accuracy.


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