Study Lifecycle

A study is a collection of media, eye-tracking data, survey questions & answers, and viewer recordings, generated reports and statistical analyses of the data.

Working with Studies is the primary interface to the features of EyesDecide.

All studies have a lifecycle:

  1. Create: The study is created, named, and instructions for the study are set.
  2. Setup: At this stage, media items (images, videos or website capture) are added. You will configure viewers’ workflow through the visual media, how to handle their interactions with the media and add any survey questions to be asked before and after the viewing. You can use the Preview tool to inspect and check your study. You can edit the study as much as you like.
  3. Launch: When you are satisfied with the study, you can Launch it. This is an important step because (a) it costs one study credit and (b) the study cannot be edited after launch.
  4. Recruiting viewers: After your study has been launched, you can recruit viewers. There are several ways to do this – including sharing a special link (URL) or using our panel. You can even ask colleagues, friends & family!
  5. Analysis: As soon as each viewing is completed, the data is available immediately for analysis within the EyesDecide platform. The three main tools used for analysis are Individual ReplaysHeatmaps, and statistical analysis of Areas of Interest (AOIs). We’ve made tools as flexible as possible, enabling you to decide how you’d like to present your results.
  6. Closure: When viewings are complete, the study can be closed. Closing a study moves it to an archive status and it becomes hidden by default in the study index page. However, you can still go back and continue the analysis once a study is closed. The primary benefit of closing a study is to clear your workspace!

Click the links to learn more about these concepts and tools.

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