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Subscription Plans

To use EyesDecide you need a subscription plan.

Plans can be ongoing subscriptions, billed monthly or yearly. Or, they can be one-off purchases.

When you sign up to EyesDecide, you immediately receive a free 3-month plan with 5 view credits and 1 study credit. This allows you to evaluate the service at no cost. If you wish to buy additional credit or extend your subscription, you’ll need to upgrade to a new plan.

The default method of payment is credit card but other methods are accepted – contact us for details.

All plans come with view and study credit. These are managed separately because each study will include many views. View and study credits are not interchangeable.

When you ‘launch’ a study 1 study credit is deducted. You can create, edit and preview as many studies as you like.

When high accuracy successful views are added to a study, view credits are deducted. The number of credits deducted depends on the source of the viewer – some demographically targeted panels are more expensive to recruit.

However, if you supply the participants the cost of a single accurate, successful view is 1 view credit. We do not deduct any credits for unsuccessful or inaccurate views.

Currently, views from our General Population Panel cost 2 view credits. This covers the additional cost we incur to recruit and pay the participants for you.

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