Tagging Results

We recommend that you review your results and tag them into categories. This makes later analysis easy, because you can easily select all views with a particular set of tags.

All our data tools allow searching and filtering by user-defined tags. You can create as many tags as you like. Tags can represent categories of user behaviour (such as ‘explorer’, ‘skim reader’ or ‘systematic’. Or, they can represent particular perceptual events for viewers such as ‘saw the banner’.

You can also use tags to mark views you wish to exclude from analysis.

Tags editor
Click the ‘edit’ text in the Tags column to activate the editor

You can set and search tags in any of the results table views:

  • In the individual recordings table
  • In the survey results table
  • In the heatmap included views table
  • In the analysis included views table

Tags are shared between all the views above. In these tables, click the tags column in the row representing the view you wish to tag to open the tags editor dialog.

You can also set and view tags in the individual replay dialog while the replay is fullscreen.

We use spaces as the delimiter between tags. Unlike most filters, where any substring will return a match, when searching by tags a complete tag match is required. For example, if a view is tagged “GroupA” then searching for “Group” will not match. The entire tag must match.

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