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Upgrading or Buying a Subscription

Buying or upgrading your subscription will provide you with included view and study credits. It will also enable you to purchase additional credits.

To purchase a subscription, click on the ‘Account’ menu and then select ‘Upgrade’.

Upgrade Subscription page
Upgrade Subscription page

The upgrade page shows small, medium and large size subscription plans billed either monthly or yearly.

Toggle the ‘Annual’ and ‘Monthly’ buttons to switch billing period.

If you want to try a one-off plan, click the button top-right.

If you have a discount coupon code, enter it in the box at the bottom and click ‘Apply Coupon’. The prices of affected plans will be adjusted.

To purchase a plan and subscribe, click ‘Choose plan’. You will be presented with a credit card payment dialog.

If you wish to use another method of payment or to receive an invoice first, please contact us.

Note that EyesDecide uses industry best-practice payment handling and does not store your credit card details on our servers.

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