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View and Study Credits


It can be a little confusing to work out when you first get started hopefully this helps you understand how our credit system all works.

  • View Credits: You ‘spend’ these when a participant (successfully) views your study. Every plan comes with an allocation of view credits.
  • Study Credits: You ‘spend’ these when you launch a study/project i.e. You can create as many studies as you like and you only need to spend study credits when you decide to make your study public (launch it). Every plan comes with an allocation of study credits.
  • Plans: There are different types of plans, Free (when you sign-up), One-Off, Monthly subscriptions and Annual subscriptions. To find out more please visit Upgrading or Buying a Subscription.

Free Plan on Sign-Up

When you sign up to EyesDecide, you immediately receive:

  • A free 3-month plan
  • 5 view credits
  • 1 study credit

This allows you to evaluate the service at no cost. If you wish to buy additional credit or extend your subscription, you’ll need to upgrade to a new plan. We also have a referral program that can award extra credits.

Understanding Credits in Detail

How many credits do I have?

You can check your credit balance by simply clicking the the ‘Account’ menu in the top left of the screen once you have logged into EyesDecide.

Account Menu Dropdown

Study Credits

When you ‘launch’ a study (i.e. a project) 1 study credit is deducted. You can create, edit and preview as many studies as you like at no cost. Only launching (i.e. making public) a study deducts 1 study credit.

View Credits

  • Bring Your Own (BYO): You can recruit your own participants. This costs 1 x View Credit per successful view.
    • When you arrange for participants to complete your study, view credit will be deducted as each viewer completes a high accuracy, successful view. If you do not have 1 view credit available, viewers will not be able to start the viewing process — We do not deduct credit for unsuccessful or inaccurate views.
  • General Population: You can use our panel. This costs 2 x View Credit per view.
    • When you order views from one of our panels, we deduct the view credits immediately (i.e. prepaid). If you do not have sufficient view credits, you can’t place the order. The order will then be fulfilled from our panels, usually within 24 hours.
  • 3rd Party Panels: If you need very targeted participants, you can use third-party panel providers such as Cint, SSI and more. Contact Us directly to arrange. Generally the more targeted participants cost more and take longer to recruit.

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