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Viewer / Participant Safety & Privacy

We are rock-solid on user & viewer privacy protection and take great care to earn and keep your trust in our technology.

  • Two types of viewing session
    We have two ways to do eye tracking. You will be invited to participate by one of these methods. The first method is recording and uploading a video from your webcam, and the second method is using a browser extension to analyse images from your camera on your computer and then deleting them. The first page of the viewing process (named “consent”) will explain which type of viewing session you are invited to participate in.
  • Method 1: Recorded video
    These sessions are recorded and uploaded to our servers. Unless there is some technical problem, the videos are not viewed by any person. They are analyzed by our computers to calculate eye-gaze tracks. The videos are not associated with you except via the information you enter to participate in the study (such as answers to survey questions).
  • Method 2: No video is recorded
    Instead, the xLabs gaze-tracking technology automatically analyses webcam images on the viewer’s computer, and then forgets them. It never records or transmits any video. It never saves any images or video to disk, even on the user’s computer. For more info see http://xlabsgaze.com/privacy/
  • No tracking beyond EyesDecide.com
    The xLabs browser extension does not collect, store or transmit any data about the user except, with consent, on gaze-enabled websites such as EyesDecide.com, or when the user manually activates the browser extension to use it for fun.
  • Easy to remove in 2 clicks
    The xLabs browser extension can easily be removed from the browser, either via the Chrome://extensions page, or by clicking the toolbar icon and selecting ‘Remove extension’. There are no side-effects, no spamming, no adverts etc.
  • What do we capture when we turn on your webcam?
    The points in the visual below represent the anonymous data we capture from participants during an eye tracking study.

EyesDecide Privacy — What do we see

EyesDecide.com privacy policy

You should also read the full privacy policy in all its legal glory.

xLabs technology privacy policy

You may also want to read xLabs’ statement and privacy policy.

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