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What data do you collect about participants?


We use special technology to analyse the images from viewers webcams on their computers. A geometric model of their appearance and their gaze target on screen is then recorded.

Image Data

The model looks like this (artificial colouring):

Model of user's face
Internal model of viewer’s face. This is all we see.

Javascript Data

We also collect two pieces of Javascript data about participants’ web browser and computer:

  • navigator.platform
  • navigator.appVersion

The purpose of this is to discover and correct bugs.

Viewer Identification Question

Some studies include a viewer identification question, written by the study creator. If you are uncomfortable with the question asked, do not complete the viewing process and please contact us.

Viewer Source and ID at origin

When viewers arrive via a link from an external survey or panel, EyesDecide can be configed to record the third-party ID and source. This only works for some panels.

Other Data

In addition, for each viewing session, EyesDecide captures:

  • Viewing date and time
  • Viewing outcome and status
  • Calibration data used
  • Viewer scroll information during viewing
  • Viewer comments about the media
  • You can define survey questions to be answered before and after viewing. These answers are collected and made available in tabular form
  • Viewer screen resolution
  • Viewer EyesDecide username (if logged in)
  • Results of an accuracy test performed after viewing
  • All gaze data in CSV format
  • A log of viewer mouse movements in CSV format
  • A log of any system errors observed

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