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What is eye-tracking?


EyesDecide uses ordinary webcams to work out what participants are seeing on their computer screens.

Technically, this is “gaze tracking”, but it’s also often called “eye tracking” as well. EyesDecide uses Gaze tracking to locate an individuals pupils to then determine where they are looking.

The traditional method of eye / gaze tracking is using specialist hardware devices with Infra-Red emitters and cameras. Using special lenses and filters, these are able to pick up the distinctive appearance of the human eye.

This technology works very well, but the drawback is you have to bring participants into the lab where you have the devices.

EyesDecide uses ordinary webcams as fitted to most laptop computers instead. This means you can do remote eye tracking, at much lower cost and without long delays. In fact, using EyesDecide, you can often get results in minutes or hours.

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