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Where can I find the results?

Once you have some successful viewings, you can access the results for a study by opening it. From the Studies index page, click the thumbnail of the study you wish to open.

Results are organized into 3 tabs. Each tab presents a different tool for analysis of your results. The tabs are only visible when the study has received some completed views. The tabs are:

  • Individual Recordings: This view allows you to replay, browse, search filter and tag individual sessions.
  • Aggregate Heatmaps: This tool enables you to produce aggregate graphical presentations of the eye tracking data, which can be downloaded as image files.
  • Aggregate Area-Of-Interest (AOI) Analysis: This interface allows you to draw AOIs onto your media items and obtain statistics about viewing behaviour for the AOIs. For example, time until first look.

The individual recordings tab also provides access to survey results and download of all raw data. AOI analyses can also be exported as CSV data for inclusion in reports and third-party tools.

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