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Why choose EyesDecide?


EyesDecide uses a revolutionary eye/gaze tracking technology supplied by xLabs.

Researchers have tried to do webcam eye/gaze tracking for years. The benefits are obvious. Finally, xLabs got it right. xLabs’ technology has several differentiators:

Unlike other webcam eye tracking services, xLabs technology gives us the confidence to make results available immediately without any curation or filtering. EyesDecide provides total transparency over results. We do not touch your data.

Since everything is processed on the user’s computer, we know immediately if it’s working and can provide relevant feedback to viewers. This improves workflow and success rates, and reduces frustration. We are also very strict. We check the accuracy of every viewing.

When packaged into EyesDecide, this confidence allows us to offer individual instant replays rather than simply a static heatmap averaged over all viewers. You can follow individual viewers as they look around and understand their own personal context.

Most other webcam eye tracking services take all the results and a few days later give you a simple heatmap image of selected results. That’s almost useless, because you can’t understand the behaviour patterns of individual users. You have to take it on faith that the results are accurate!

EyesDecide offers individual replays of entire eye-tracking sessions, a variety of heatmap visualizations, statistical analyses of Areas of Interest (AOIs) and the freedom to export and download your results.

We are also adding major new features on a regular basis.

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